Magnum Gold Jackpot

Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold Wofattcai is a 6-digit jackpot game whose unique gold component is added to give you the dreaded gold prize. The extra numbers, which are two of the numbers are added to the 6 digits, are also known as the triplet component. There are two jackpots in this game. Jackpot Gold 1 and Jackpot Gold 2. 4D Jackpot Gold draws are held three times a week, on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. On some weeks, the company holds a special drawing on Tuesdays.

At retail locations, let the clerk know you want to play 4D Jackpot Gold and they will give you the game slip. On the slip, in addition to a 2-digit number, you’ll need to play one 6-digit number at a time, also known as the golden number, which ranges from 00 to 19.

If you’re not sure which number to pick, or if you don’t have a number that you exactly like, the best option is to go for the lucky pick. Here, the terminal will pick the numbers for you. Whether you choose manual or lucky picks, there is no particular advantage. 4D Jackpot Gold is purely a game of chance, where your win is by chance, not by premeditation.

The game slip contains the Magnum logo as well as the game’s logo, in this case, 4D Jackpot Gold. in the space provided on the slip, you need to write down each number you choose. Two additional gold numbers are separated from the main 6-digit number by a plus sign. For example, you may decide to choose the following numbers. 847903+02. When it comes to lucky draws, you only need to indicate the LP-Jackpot Gold for that particular game.

4D Jackpot Gold costs $2 per game. When you give your game slip to the clerk, you should also hand over the corresponding amount according to the number of games played. After that, you will get your ticket, which is proof of your participation in 4D Jackpot Gold. Without the ticket, you cannot claim the prize after you win it.

Since the ticket does not have your name on it, you should handle it carefully so as not to lose it. Anyone who picks a ticket can present it to claim the prize in the event of a win. The recommended procedure is to sign the back of the ticket to prove its authenticity.