Magnum 4D

Magnum 4D 万能 is the 1st legalized 4D Operator licensed by the Malaysian Government to operate 4D and the company to work well as commercial gambling in Wofattcai 4D. They also pride in being members of the World Lottery Association and Asia Pacific Lottery to ensure their company operate in high ISO pedigree standards

Magnum owns numerous rights and copyrights in the fair scope of Wofattcai 4 digital games worldwide. Shanghai reintroduces the expandable game in the basic 4th place (acquired in 2013). They also have two other bit games, games that can be controlled wins that can be controlled, which are cumulative rights. They are infinitely more accessible than they are.

Magnum strives to uphold ethical principles and best practices to ensure that it maintains a high standard of integrity, responsibility, accountability, and professionalism for its Staff, Customers, Communities, and Stakeholders.

Amongst their popular 4D known game is, 万能, Magnum 4D, Magnum 4D Magnum Games Jackpot Gold, and Magnum 4D Powerball.